We can relieve your business of the pains of keeping the accounts.

Digit Bookkeeping was founded by Sophie Baldwin following a number of years working in top financial institutions in the City of London. Sophie then grasped an opportunity to move to Sussex working as a book keeper for a company near Brighton. It was during this role that Sophie recognised the need by clients for a more cost effective solution to their bookkeeping requirements.

Sophie realised that leaving the bookkeeping and accounts preparation to their accountant at the end of the year was not only an expensive option for clients, but it also meant that they were not in possession of essential management information throughout their trading year.

But Sophie also identified that for many small businesses, employing a bookkeeper is simply not an option. The financial and legal obligations associated with having an employee, even part-time, including employer’s NI, holiday pay, sickness pay, maternity pay and cover, payroll administration and the commitment to pay wages regardless of whether there is much work to do during quiet trading periods, is not an attractive option.

Digit Bookkeeping was created with all of this in mind; providing a flexible service enabling clients to outsource their bookkeeping requirements in a way that was cost effective and convenient to them.

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