HMRC Guides

The HMRC website is so packed full of useful information that it’s often hard to find what you are looking for.  Shown below are the guides and resources that we think are most relevant to small business owners.


New to business? This guide is a must read.  It explains fully what HMRC requires in terms of record keeping, and generally the type of expenditure they would expect to see.

The VAT Guide

If your turnover is 82k or more in any concurrent 12 month period, you should be registered for VAT.   This link is the ultimate HMRC guide to VAT and will tell you everything you need to know (and more)!

PAYE and payroll for employers

If you employ staff, you will need to run a payroll.  This link gives all the basic information relating to the responsibilities of being an employer


If you provide your employees with benefits in kind, you will need to submit a P11D.  This guide details what is classed as a benefit and how to fill in the form.

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme Guide)

If you work in the building and construction industry, chances are that you are affected by CIS.  This guide explains who should be registered, and the correct way of working the system.

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