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We have designed a series of accounting templates and guides to help with the everyday tasks of running a small business.

If there is anything missing, please let us know!

2015/16 Self Assessment Questionnaire

There is plenty to consider when completing your self assessment.  We’ve gathered all the information you’ll need.

Self Assessment Checklist

Information on correct paperwork for your self assessment..

This checklist will help you decide what needs to be included.

P11D Questionnaire 

If you pay your employees expenses or provide any benefits, it’s likely you will need to complete a P11D.

This guide will help you determine whether you need to or not.

Mileage Form 

Whether you are a business owner or employee, HMRC allow you to claim 45 pence per mile for the first 10,000 business miles and 25 pence thereafter.  Use our mileage form to keep track of your mileage.

Book-keeping Template 

Want to keep you own books  / records?

This bookkeeping template is for smaller businesses /  sole traders who want to manage their own accounting records.


Payroll Starter Form  

For new Employees

Its important tog get all the correct personal information before the payroll can be run.

Paying HMRC 

If your in Business -You’ll have to pay tax..

We have pulled together the bank details for the most common taxes you will need to pay.

P11D checklist 

If your employee receives benefits..

If your employees receive benefits and you don’t have a dispensation in place, you must report these to HMRC on a P11D.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Find out how your employeed can benefit from this amazing and legitimate government scheme aimed at reducing carbon emissions and developing a healthy workforce.

Selling Second Hand Goods? 

Use this margin scheme template for your VAT records

This template details all the information HMRC requires you to keep for your VAT records.

Uniform Allowance 

If you wear a uniform to work, you can claim an annual allowance from HMRC.   Claims to HMRC can be made on the Form P87

Other Employment Allowances 

Employees are entitled to claim for costs incurred during their normal working activities.  Most employers will reimburse these but if they don’t or the amount they pay is under the rates given below, the difference can be claimed from HMRC.

Form P87 – to Reclaim Expenses from HMRC 

If you need to claim employment expenses from HMRC, and the claim is under £2500 you can use form P87. For claims over 2,500 you will need to complete a self assessment tax return.

Common VAT Schemes 

There are several different VAT schemes to choose from.

Flat Rate VAT 

Flat Rate VAT is available to all small businesses and can help to simplify VAT calculations and record keeping.

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